The Golden Rule of Change: 7, 11, and 18.

I was watching The Therapist with my mom one day and I learned something that has never been brought to my attention before. I was so moved by what I had heard that I decided to write it in the notes of my phone and take it into consideration in regards to how far I have come and where I intend to go with the rest of my life.

Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh said that our life is a series of cycles: 7, 11, and 18. Every 7 years our consciousness changes. Every 11 years our intelligence changes. Every 18 years our entire life changes. The thing about these cycles is that whatever we were doing prior to the mark of the change will no longer suffice.

I get that this can be a little weird or difficult to wrap your head around and truthfully being that I’m only 19 I cannot attest to too many of these cyclic changes, but I can attest to a few.

So, within 19 years I should have undergone two shifts of consciousness, one shift of intelligence, and one shift of my entire life. I’m going to explore these shifts in this post and my memory is a bit out of whack so bare with me.

Cyclic changes of consciousness

Based on my math skills and the information that Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh provided, I had a shift in consciousness at 7 years old and again at 14 years old. As I reflect on my childhood, I truthfully have no idea what was going on when I was 7 years old. I mean, I was definitely in 1st grade when I turned 7. However, beyond that my memory does not serve me very well. Now, I was in 8th grade when I turned 14. In my 14th year of life a lot of things changed and I can say with complete confidence that it was absolutely a result of my state of mind. I was older so I began to understand things that I did not understand before. I was exposed to realities that had been kept hidden from me. I went to high school! High school, in my opinion, is much more about developing social skills and slowly but surely gaining independence and responsibility for your own actions than it is about education. Frankly, the education in high school is subpar anyway but that’s another topic for another day and another website, lol. So yes, I can say that my consciousness shifted when I was 14. It shifted in regards to who I was on the road to becoming, who I really wanted to be and the world around me.

Cyclic changes of intelligence

I have only undergone one shift of intelligence thus far. I was in fifth grade, living in New York City, when I turned 11. I have been book smart my entire life. Academics is something that comes very naturally to me. I never had to study until I got to college. I can say though, that my intelligence in regards to street smarts shifted around this time. My mom had to begin giving me lessons about city living that I did not know, having previously been exposed nearly exclusively to suburban life. I also got accepted into a top charter school in NYC that year after having not learned anything in school for a whole year and a half. I can see little things that lead me to believe that the shift of intelligence took place, but I’m sure it will be much more dramatic when I turn 22 so let’s wait patiently for that one.

Cyclic changes of.. Life

I have also undergone only one entire life shift and this one, for absolute certain, happened. Turning 18 is a huge deal whether you’re aware of any type of cyclic change or not. It signals the beginning of lawful adulthood, and there is no turning back. If you’re not ahead or behind, you graduate high school in your 18th year of life and have to make major decisions regarding your future. Will I go to college? Will I join the workforce? Will I join the military? Will I take a year off because I need more time to figure out what I’m going to do? This shift, I can say from experience, changes your life in the most abrupt way if for no other reason than because all of a sudden you are technically an adult and now, while people can help you, no one can do anything for you anymore. It’s all you. You’re essentially on your own if anything happens. I personally think the system is janky in that regard. Who’s prepared for adulting simply because they’ve turned 18? I surely was not and yet there I was, four months after I turned 18, dealing with the death of my father and being named his legal next of kin.

I was told during the second semester of my freshmen year of college by an Alumna I had met during the parting ceremony months earlier, that I was having such a hard time because my beginnings and endings were colliding. I wonder if she has ever heard of these cyclic changes… My entire life was changing anyway, right on schedule. The chapter of childhood would forever be closed. An ending. I was getting prepared to go to college and start a life away from home. A beginning. My father passed away. An ending. That was an ending for him and everyone else affected by losing him. The collision occurred because the endings were outweighing the beginnings (at least according to the frame of mind I was in/am still in).

I hope that anyone reading this can see the signs of shifts in their own life, prompt and uninterrupted. The only thing we can count on happening without a doubt is change. The trick is to not go insane thinking that we can handle things the same way we’ve been handling them. If he is right, it won’t work anymore. Adjustments have to be made. So, let’s all make them. Let’s grow through what we’re going through and not be afraid to make a mess while we’re cleaning out the closet.


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